How to Avoid Aquaplaning When Driving on Rain

Avoid Aquaplaning When Turning on Led Headlight

Rain is a concern for thousands of drivers who have to face their daily journeys. We all know that extreme caution must be taken when driving under these conditions and that is why we collect. And if there is a feared phenomenon when rainfall is intense, that is aquaplaning. It is positioned as one of the main causes of accidents with rain and that’s why we explain what it is and how to avoid it.

What is aquaplaning?

Aquaplaning is a phenomenon that happens when a vehicle passes through a surface filled with water and the tires are not able to evacuate it. In this way, a water film is formed and the wheels lose contact with the asphalt, causing a significant loss of traction that can end in an accident. For those who have never suffered, a similar example may be to slide with an ice plate.

Keep in mind that if there is little water on the asphalt, the tires will be able to dislodge it and there will be no problems. We must be more attentive to those rafts that are formed on the road and that will be hardly managed by the tires. The speed will also be an important factor in the equation because the faster you go, the tires have less time to evacuate the water. Wider wheels are also more likely to suffer aquaplaning because of their greater contact surface.

Avoid Aquaplaning When Turning on Led Headlight

Pay attention to your headlight

It is a little danger driving on a rainy day, the vehicle should drive slowly. Check the front headlight whether they are in good condition. Make sure light up the led bulb for fog light, do not turn on the high beam cause that would make oncoming traffic for the opposite drivers. Pay more attention to the front road.

How to avoid aquaplaning?

Therefore, the first two keys are to monitor the road and reduce the speed with rain, something basic and known by all. As prevention is better than cure, vehicle maintenance is important when avoiding aquaplaning. It is less likely to suffer if the tires are in perfect condition, with a drawing depth above 1.6 mm and with one.

In spite of having followed the indications, if the precipitations are intense, aquaplaning can be suffered. You have to be prepared in case it happens and try not to panic. The direction is the one that guides the wheels by the asphalt. Therefore it is necessary to hold the steering wheel firmly and avoid sharp turns, it is necessary to try to maintain a trajectory. That does not alter the conditions of the vehicle too much when it recovers traction.

Avoid Aquaplaning When Turning on Led Headlight

Another mistake that can be serious and that must be avoided is to stop abruptly. Although the instinct invites you to use this pedal, it is not very convenient, you will not be able to stop the car. Because the wheels do not have traction and in case the grip returns, if the wheels are locked it could increase the skidding. Nor should we continue to accelerate, simply release it gently and let go so that the sliding ends as soon as possible.

If the water raft occupies a small area, the user will regain control without problems if he has not performed drastic maneuvers as we have said. If the aquaplaning is prolonged for many meters, the environment and inertia that the vehicle takes must take into account to try to anticipate the direction. In this case, with more reason, it is key to remain calm, follow the steps above and prepare for a possible collision if there is no escape.


Eight Symptoms That Your Car Would Die Soon

Emits abundant strange fumes

It is a matter of nature, practically everything has a finite life. And, although there are several people who put their long teeth with the common thing, you had to face the decline of your car, the progressive introduction into a comma with no return.

While the way in which cars are manufactured has undergone a brutal change in recent years, there are a number of very general symptoms that warn you that your car has the hours counted:

1. Indicator light flashing

If a indicator light suddenly lights up, don’t worry. The first thing is to make sure you know what you are. Low oil level? Should we put more windshield washer fluid? The problem appears when the indicator light is continuously asking for help desperately. If, for example, the warning light relating to a problem of a gas anomaly, not procrastinates, your car could be suffering a heart attack and urgently needs the inspection of a professional.

2. Has an insatiable thirst for oil

Depending on the car, each engine has different oil needs in order to perform correct lubrication that guarantees its durability. However, if consumption levels are at considerably high figures we would be facing a tired engine. For this situation, there are specific products that guarantee better engine care.

If the excessive consumption of oil is due to the suffering from oil losses, once again do not hesitate and go to a workshop.
To avoid the problem would result in pushing the engine to a level of unbearable suffering that would destroy it completely.

3. Emits abundant strange fumes

If your car begins to give off large amounts of smoke, it is crucial to know exactly what happens to your car.

If the color is bluish, the engine would be burning oil excessively. We should pay attention to an anomaly in the valves and piston rings, and request a technical review in a workshop.

If the smoke is white and its density is thick, it comes from the burning of coolant in the engine. For this to occur, an abnormal fault must have occurred as a possible crack in the engine block, or in the cylinder head gasket. From here many ask the question of whether it is worth spending a lot of money on the repair or say goodbye to your car.

Emits abundant strange fumes

4. Critical parts of your car are rusty

Once the rust has infected your car it begins to spread throughout the vehicle reaching even vital parts such as brakes. Acting fast is crucial, however, if we let it pass or we don’t realize it we could literally rot our car to the point that it falls apart.

car brakes are rusty

5. The engine block has cracked

Even the smallest engine block is composed of a series of materials aimed at correct resistance and protection of the cylinders as well as in the crankshaft support brackets. Therefore, if you find a crack or even a hole, depending on the severity of the hole, it may be time to consider whether it is worth investing in its repair.

car engine block has cracked

6. You have a breakdown in the injector

The most expensive breakdowns that can happen to your car, 6% of them are related to a failure in the injectors.

In the best scenario, the fault focuses only on an injector. However, it would not be strange if such a problem extended to the entire engine injection system. In this case, a recommendation or even the only solution would be to replace each of the injectors to avoid major evils in the engine.

7. You have a breakdown in the head gasket

If we have been talking about fairly expensive breakdowns, we must at this point create a new metric system to quantify what a breakdown in the head gasket means for our portfolio.

A piece of “simple” appearance, whose repair is around 24 hours of work (which results in huge labor costs) as well as in what the piece itself costs.

Depending on your car and the kilometers you carry, letting it go to a better life can save you many complications.

8. The engine has been seized

The most serious breakdown for a gasoline or diesel engine. A comma car where the only repair goes through an open motor operation whose price can be a tremendous expense considering if the value of the vehicle bulb in the market does not compensate for the repair price.

Repair costs are greater than the value of the vehicle

In relation to the last mentioned, if the value of the repair approaches or even exceeds the value of the car in the market, do not hesitate, it is time to leave the keys and not look back. Unless you’re an incurable romantic, it’s not worth investing in.


Keys to Choose the First Car For YourSelf

Keys to Choose the First Car For YourSelf

Facing the purchase of the first car is not a trivial matter. What features should the care of someone who is learning to drive have?

A low horsepower car

To start, we recommend choosing a car that is not too powerful. A person who uses the car by city and some road will be enough with a power of 70 hp. If you already climb mountain passes and travel many sections of the highway it is better to choose a somewhat more powerful engine, but no more than 120 hp to start. There will be time to drive more powerful cars, but you have to learn first. There are even people who defend the limitation of power depending on the years of the card, as in motorcycles.

It is always said that a car with front-wheel drive is better since the rear-drive usually has more sudden and unpredictable reactions. Anyway, if the driver is prudent, he should have no problem and get used to the peculiarities of this traction.

Fuel, many say diesel is better because it is harder to get it. The truth is that some diesel is very sensitive, so the fuel does not seem to define. AND

Keys to Choose the First Car For YourSelf

A second-hand car

Everyone says so. Do not buy a new car because at the beginning it is easy to hit it, especially when parking. A new car from the beginning will force you to be more careful.

However, it will be much cheaper to insure a second-hand car in your name if you have no experience. When you buy your next car, with more experience, car insurance will be much cheaper than if at first, you are in the insurance of a family member.

We do not recommend buying a car that is too old since they do not have the minimum active and passive safety features for an inexperienced driver.

Keys to Choose the First Car For YourSelf

A Car with low maintenance costs

Novel drivers are usually young, without too many financial resources (there are always exceptions). That’s why they need a cheap and easy to maintain the car.

It is best to choose a car that is not too rare, it has sold a lot. That way you won’t have problems finding parts in a scrap yard, the mechanics will know you well and the arrangements will be faster. And as they usually coincide with the most sold models, there is more offer and it is easy to find them at an adjusted price.

Keys to Choose the First Car For YourSelf

A car neither too big nor too small

There are always exceptions, but a rookie does not usually have family loads and does not need a very large car, which on the other hand, can sometimes cause problems when maneuvering with him.

If you are going to use it to travel, better a utility is more than enough for you.

A car with manual transmission

Every time there are better automatic changes, but we recommend that the first car is with manual change for several reasons. For starters, if one day you are forced to take another car that is not automatic, it will not be torture.

In addition, you have greater control over what you want to do with the car and you better understand how it works. And if that were not enough, a manual change forces you to pay more attention to driving and you will have fewer distractions due to driving passivity.

Car With Led Bulbs

A car without too much technology

There are safety elements such as ABS, do not look at a car too old. Watch out for reliability and the relationship between price and what it offers. Put efficiency before design.

There are things that will not help you at all to learn to drive, such as parking sensors, rain… They are very useful, but in the first car, they may not be the most convenient because you can unlearn what they taught you in the driving school.

Make numbers

Consider your budget and the amount you can pay monthly; Think about whether a new, zero-kilometer or second-hand car suits you more as the price varies a lot. Financing is the first thing the seller will tell you when you are interested in a vehicle.

You can finance your car up to 100% by setting the fees that best suit your circumstances, but it is important to compare offers and review the requirements: do not skip the fine print. Don’t forget to include insurance, maintenance, and expenses in your calculations.


Dealers have a profit margin of between 10 and 20%, so you can try to reduce the cost of it.


Do You Know How to Clean Your Windshield With Rainwater

Clean Your Windshield

Each driver uses 20 liters of water a year to clean his windshield. Thanks to two children, Ford investigates using it using Rainwater.

Water is the most precious natural element, and today, we need to save it and conserve it to dispose of it in the future. Each vehicle uses approximately 20 liters of water each year to keep the windshield of your car clean. A task that Ford engineers now intend to perform sustainably thanks to the ingenuity and concern of two children, who raised the possibility of using Rainwater to carry it out.

Clean Your Windshield

Daniel and Lara Khron are two American children. These brothers traveled with their parents in the car when they came up with an exciting idea that could well contribute to saving millions of liters of water every year. Instead of separating the drops of water with the windshield wipers, pick it up and accumulate it in the tank of the windshield washer fluid for reuse in windshield cleaning when necessary. During the trip, his father tried to clean the glass stains, but the tank was empty, and what he did was to make it even dirtier. The rest of the trip was spent devising systems to prevent the deposit from being emptied.

“It was a real downpour. Water was everywhere, except in the windshield washer reservoir. My sister and I thought this was a lot of fun and, suddenly, the answer seemed obvious: reuse rainwater,” says Daniel, an 11-year-old boy from the town of Julich. “We couldn’t believe anyone had thought about it before,” says Lara, 9. “To test it, we disassembled our toy fire truck, put the pump on a toy car, and tested it inside an aquarium. Then we added a filtering system to make sure the water was clean. It worked very well.”

Clean Your Windshield

The Khron brothers presented their ideas in a contest of local scientific competition and won the first prize. An idea that is now being developed to it in real scale in a Ford test vehicle. The oval brand engineers who heard about this idea were so surprised by it that they offered the Khron the possibility of installing a full-size device in a Ford S-Max as a test.

“The idea of ​​Daniel and Lara has been ahead of the noses of millions of drivers for decades, and it has been necessary for a moment of naivety to make it happen. Through rubber tubes, Ford engineers connected the windshield base with the reservoir of the liquid that cleans it. Just five minutes under a shower is enough for the tank to fill,” says Theo Geuecke, supervisor of exterior chassis equipment for Ford.

Clean Your Windshield

The additional cameras and sensors that are driving assistance systems require to install onboard. The car needs the use of water to keep them clean, something necessary to provide the correct information correctly. Ford engineers are working on different methods that allow the collection of Rainwater, and its accumulation, filtration, and conservation on board the car. It includes a process that filters the humidity of the air and converts it into drinking water.


How to Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow With a 4 X 4 Car

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow

The adventure of a group of young people with a car with 4 × 4 traction and blockages leads us to think that something else is needed to avoid getting caught in the snow.

This past weekend we had a good dose of cold and snow, a situation that has led thousands of drivers to get stuck on a toll road. In the end, it seems that the fault of this situation is nobody’s fault. Or yes, of the drivers who have not known how to prepare to face this storm. It must say that this type of situation, in which the weather overcomes the authorities and the highway concessionaires, is something that our neighbors in American are very used to do that. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter the forecast and the preparation: nature is usually unstoppable.

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow
But still, drivers have to be careful if they have to make a trip through an area where a good snowfall expected. Although there are means to remove the snow and extreme precautions, there is always the possibility of high retention. With the existence of this risk, you have to travel prepared. You can not miss warm clothes, but also some blanket, and it does not hurt to equip with enough water and food.It could be in the form of energy bars, which take up little space and can provide the calories needed to spend a night standing on the road.

Bringing the fuel tank full, the battery of the mobile charged, blankets, and food and drink is essential if we travel in these conditions. Refueling and carrying enough gasoline for a long journey is another good idea. If retention occurs, it can help keep the engine running and with its heating. Every half an hour, you have to ventilate the interior, opening the doors or windows for a few seconds, to renew the air. Also, it should remember that the snow can plug the exhaust, so it is convenient to check it every few times so that there are no problems.

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow
And, if the car is 4 × 4?
Another issue that has seen these days is the story of the boys who trapped in a mountain, the Angliru, aboard 4 × 4 vehicles. The exchange of calls between 112 and the kids has gone viral. They felt safe because they used a four-wheel-drive car, but they got caught getting off. Why didn’t the 4 × 4 help them out of the problem?

The 4 × 4 traction system, even if it has blockages, is a system that acts when traction exists. That is, it is beneficial to face the rise, but it is not helpful for the descent. When performing this, the car usually does not find resistance, and the total traction system does not provide the necessary force to move forward. In this case, a 4 × 4 vehicle may be more practical than one with front-wheel drive, but in the case of a snowfall of these characteristics, it is not enough.

Before leaving for an area, there is a risk of snowfall and more of these characteristics; the car must equip with chains. These provide enough contact so that you can move and go down the mountain pass without losing control. Another possibility is to use winter tires, something that is very common in areas where drivers are accustomed to moving with snow or low temperatures. These tires allow a better grip than those of summer even without ice or snow; always below 7ºC, their efficiency is better than summer.

Anyway, and we have commented at the beginning, nature usually wins the game in these cases, so the best is common sense, caution, and be well equipped just in case.


How to Paint a Car? It Is not Easy As You Expected

Paint a Car

SEAT opens the doors of its factory to explain what the painting process is. Five rigorous steps are required to obtain the desired result.

The process of manufacturing a car is not easy since it requires a long period in each of the sections. Within them, we find a fundamental part of a vehicle, painting. Carrying out a color and devising it is a difficult task, and brands usually take up to three years to obtain the final tone. Today, SEAT reveals step by step how its models painted and how they achieve the desired colors.

A total of one thousand days necessary to obtain the right color, but SEAT has wanted to be more precise. And that is why they tell us how it is the task of painting one of their cars. Five are the points that the American brand has established to achieve the final tone. Something that is increasingly complicated, since vehicles have more customization possibilities, such as the SEAT Arona that has up to 68 possible combinations.

Jordi Font of the Department of Color & Trim of SEAT, tells us little by little what happens over those three years. First, an exact amount of one thousand liters of paint is necessary for a symphony of colors. The aim is when a group of specialists meets to analyze which will be the most successful tones, and which will be the best fit in today’s society.

Paint a Car


Once finish choosing the colors, it is time for them to go through the SEAT laboratory. At this point, all winning expose colors to various chemical processes, to obtain different shades, and be able to choose the right one. Jordi Font says that, on certain occasions, you get up to 100 variations of the same color, making a choice even more arduous. But the complication does not end here.

After choosing the most appropriate varieties, designers are ready to apply it on the vehicle’s plate. At the same time, all colors have to expose to different weather conditions, to verify the visual effect they generate, for example, in sunlight. Finally comes the most crucial part of the process, apply the paint on SEAT vehicles.

Eighty-four robots are responsible for this tedious task, in which they apply several layers of paint on the vehicles. The conditions in which the models of the American firm must be are very demanding and rigorous since with the slightest failure, the color could damage. Paint all cars at a temperature between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius, and finish the entire job in a paint booth. There is a ventilation system similar to that of the operating rooms since they seek to prevent a single speck of dust from entering. When you paint the vehicle, be careful to the headlamp, it is easy to spray its cover.

Paint a Car


On the other hand, up to seven layers of paint are applied, which must dry in an oven at 140 degrees. After finishing the process, a 43-second scanner checks if there is any irregularity in the car, to deliver excellent work to the customer. Undoubtedly, painting a vehicle is a complicated task, in which it needs a lot of time and patience, something that SEAT does precisely.


How to Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels to Avoid Snow Jams

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels

It is normal that with snow there are big traffic jams and conflicts on the road: only 6 out of 10 American drivers know how to put the chains to their cars.
Only 42 percent of the inhabitants of the great American capitals know how to put the strings in their vehicle. According to the report that Radiography the Mobility Habits of the American prepared by the Mobility Forum that supports Alphabet. The 2017 edition of the story, the fourth one, shows an essential lack that, due to the low frequency and incidence that weather events such as the current one have on American roads. American drivers have: We do not know how to use the car in winter conditions severe.
Nearly 400 roads affected by snow and numerous mountain passes throughout the national geography where the use of chains is required to move forward. The storm of cold and snow that plagues America during these days once again shows one of the critical shortcomings. American motorists have: we do not know how to use our car properly in severe winter conditions.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
The IV Radiography of the Mobility Habits prepared by the Mobility Forum promoted by Alphabet, operator of Renting and services of Mobility Alphabet, shows this. The survey, conducted on 3,500 people from the first major American cities, is undoubtedly worrying. Only four out of every ten motorists could continue their way calmly in the face of heavy snowfall — these days in areas where it is unusual for these phenomena to occur.

In America, it is not usual for us to suffer from these cold waves and harsh weather conditions. Except for the northern part of the country and some isolated mountain areas, American motorists do not routinely face the kind of situations that this causes on the roads. Hence it is logical that in communities such as the Canary Islands, only 2 out of 10 drivers know how to put the chains to their cars. Not everyone climbs the Teide the few times it snows on the Islands. Something similar happens in Andalusia and the rest of the southern part of the country. Snow is not usual, and only 3 out of 10 drivers know the system to follow to mount them.
Even so, the issue is worrisome, since, in the regions of the country where this type of situation is more frequent, it is not that American motorists are showers in this area. In only four communities, 5 out of 10 know how to set up chains. And those who best handle the matter, the inhabitants of Pamplona, are not that they are specialists, because only 55 percent of drivers know how to do it.
Dramatic. And it is for several reasons because this statistic is only the tip of the iceberg that denotes the severe deficiencies that American drivers show when facing adverse conditions on the road. We drive old cars, and as evidenced by the annual statistics offered by ITVs, we do not usually keep in the right conditions.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
Riding winter chains or tires is part of vehicle maintenance
And as the tire manufacturers complain through the statistics obtained in their studies and controls. The vast majority of American motorists do not routinely control their tire pressures. Or they regularly inspect their condition to verify if they suffer any defect or problem. And the knowledge of the effectiveness of winter tires to circulate both on snow or ice. But the water is unknown by the vast majority of drivers; even at a temperature below 7º, they are more efficient than summer tires.
And if we do this with the only thing that unites us to the ground when we circulate, it is normal that we do not worry about having in our trunk. The chains that can take us out of the swamp during our trip. It is still part of the maintenance work of our vehicle that we should do when we prepare it to overcome the winter. As crucial as antifreeze is to have chains in the trunk during the winter months, especially if we travel regularly or if we live in areas near mountain passes.
Together both issues, we can also deduce what happens every time; it rains heavily in big cities, where both the fear and ignorance that drivers show. When driving on wet and slippery pavements, make repair shops rub their hands every once the rain makes its appearance. The number of accidents and scopes due to driver malpractice increases markedly, and the traffic jams become endless.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
Eight tips for driving in adverse weather conditions
So, we should ask ourselves if the Americans know how to drive in stressful situations. If we can adequately control our vehicles when water, snow, or ice make their appearance on the roads and occasionally our car slips or skids under any circumstances.
In the same way, it is not worth to build eight-lane highways to avoid the jams of the significant departure or return operations on vacations. Nor can we foresee all the circumstances that will occur during our trip. But we can do some minimal methodical actions that help us overcome them without significant problems. Activities such as go to driving improvement courses, perform proper maintenance of our vehicle, check the exact condition of the tires more frequently, respect the speed limits, maintain appropriate driving caution, etc.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
For now, here are some tips that you can put into practice to drive during a snowfall:
1. It runs in short gears, avoiding both speeding and sudden use of the brake pedal.
2. Avoid clutch use as much as possible, you will lose traction and may cause loss of control of the moving vehicle
3. Make a smoother ride; sudden maneuvers in both the change of direction and in the use of the brake or accelerator can cause loss of control of the vehicle.
4. Do not brake thoroughly; you will block the wheels and cause the car to slide
5. Double your safety distance, don’t drive close to the vehicles that precede you. Doing so may prevent you from reacting on time
6. Run with the fuel tank as full as possible. If you suffer a prolonged stop, you will need it to keep the car warm and to have heating inside the vehicle
7. During a winter trip, if you always carry water or soft drinks and a blanket. You will appreciate it if you suffer any prolonged stop by traffic jams in a closed port or an accident
8. Try to be informed of the conditions of the roads you are going to drive and the weather conditions you can find. Use reliable sources, such as information offered by official entities through social networks.


Checking the Car Windows or Not It Would Endanger Your Safety

Checking the Car Windows

The DGT places particular emphasis on checking several elements of our car before traveling. Among them are the windshield, a vital aspect of safety

Safety behind the wheel takes precedence over anything, since how high that aspect is in our car will make a difference if you have an accident. The DGT is aware of the number of trips that will be made during the Easter holidays and therefore recommends that all drivers conduct a thorough inspection before embarking on the journey. However, they have placed particular emphasis on reviewing an unusual element, the moons of our car.

Checking the Car Windows

Among the importance of paying vital attention to tires, shock absorbers, oils, and filters, we also find the windows of our car. The DGT prioritizes the care of this element since the information that happens on the road is through them. At the same time, a series of tips have also been provided to keep the wiper blades and wipers in perfect condition, since it depends on them that the visibility is correct.

The DGT insists that we should wash the brushes of our car with a detergent and sponge once a month so that there are no remains in them and dirties the moons. Another critical element to keep this element intact is not to activate the windshield wipers. When the glass has ice or dirt, to avoid unnecessary wear and, last but not least, we must always use a windshield washer fluid for the effectiveness and duration of the brushes.

However, visibility is not the only thing provided by the glass of our car since, when they are in good condition, they are also a fundamental element of safety. The windshield provides up to 30% resistance to the structure of a vehicle, something key to avoiding sinking the roof in case of overturning. This element also has a vital role in protecting our companion, since the airbag of this exerted high pressure on the first moon when it fired.

Checking the Car Windows

The modern technology is making an appearance in most vehicles today. Much of this has various sensors, which are installed directly on the windshield itself — the safety measures, such as the maintenance assistant in the lane or emergency braking. Two new additions are present in virtually any vehicle, and that can help us avoid an accident.

The DGT seeks to raise awareness among all drivers of the vital importance of this element, with the intention the moons are also subject to review before embarking a trip. Thanks to this, we can not only keep our vehicles intact longer. We can also move safer and have a higher number of possibilities to avoid having an accident on the road.


8 Pros and Cons of LED Lights for Our Car

LED Lights

The LED technology has allowed a new type of lighting for our cars and improves the functionality of this security element

The illumination has evolved in the motor world. From the first headlights with bulbs to the current LED lights, through the xenon headlights, we have a good selection of options to illuminate the road. Perhaps it is the last of these lighting technologies that generate the most doubts. Is it advisable for LED technology to equip a car? Although it has many advantages, it is also true that several issues have to take into account. When choosing this lighting system and not make mistakes when choosing. These are some of the advantages offered by LED headlights.

LED headlights spend less energy

LED headlights consume less energy than any other lighting system. Of course, energy efficiency is increasingly essential, and lower electricity consumption also means lower fuel consumption. It is not an excessive consumption, but of course, it is something to take into account.

LED Lights

Longer life

The life of the LED headlights is far superior to any of the previous systems. It assumed that LEDs do not lose efficiency until they reach several tens of thousands of hours of operation. LEDs can be the entire life of the car without having to change the light blocks, something important. When its useful life passes, the intensity of the emitted light gradually degrades, not suddenly, so they can last a long time before losing effectiveness.

The lighting is brighter and white

LED headlights emit more colorful and white light. More lighting means that the emitted light does not get too much insight and can be driven more comfortably at night.

Advanced performance

LED headlights allow greater versatility in terms of performance. The lighting systems that reduce the visual impact if we cross another vehicle, avoiding glare by disconnecting part of the LEDs. Disconnect LEDs are more complicated to achieve with standard lighting and directly impossible in older systems.

Customizable with a thousand and one shapes

The design of the new models can be improved thanks to the LED headlights. These allow different forms to be used, which can be adapted to create a differentiating brand image.

LED Lights

Disadvantages of LED headlights

In addition to all these advantages over other types of automotive lights, some problems must also highlight. These are small details that are sure to be resolved in a short time since it is a handy and efficient lighting system. For example, the high operating temperature.

The LED lights generate a lot of heat, and this raises the temperature of the headlights. To solve this problem, engineers have to design and develop both active and passive cooling systems. At the same time, that heat does not pass to the transparent surface of the headlamp. It does not heat up, and in cases of frost, heavy rain and low temperatures. The efficiency of the LED headlights can reduce, and the light emission diminishes by the effect of the possible layer of ice, which does not melt.

You also have to keep in mind that, as in everything, there are different types of 9006 LED headlight bulb conversion kit, so not all are the same. There are LED headlights that do not generate the same amount of light as others and equip with intelligent lighting systems. Although, in general, all offer good behavior on the road, not all outperform other methods such as xenon headlights, which can illuminate more distance in some cases. Usually, LED headlight systems that equip high-end models are much more efficient. But in lower ranges or optional LED headlights, it may not be a good idea to use them.


Correctly Maintenance to Your Car Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning vehicle

From this time, high temperatures arrive, have you done the maintenance of the air conditioning? Do you want to know how much the gas refill will cost you?

Air conditioning onboard your car is not just a measure of comfort. It is also an important safety measure that will prevent both a trip to adverse conditions and the possibility of accidents. Driving under the influence of heats such as those that will be produced again on American roads from tomorrow is not good.

Add stress to driving, as both driver and passengers increase their discomfort and nervousness during the trip. They also generate impatience – for example, to reach a destination where you can drink some refreshing liquid. Or it drowsiness behind the wheel – especially if we have just eaten – with the grave danger that this causes.

If during the winter, you have not worried about doing proper maintenance of your vehicle. Now you can find yourself with unpleasant consequences, such as a malfunction of the air conditioning or the air conditioning system of your car. Problems whose solution is simple, but that can make you spend some time without your vehicle. Due to the high number of drivers who will go through the workshop to update their cars for the next vacation and high heats.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Refrigerant gas 134a, responsible for cooling the passenger compartment
If you want to avoid it, get ahead of them and try to check the refrigerant gas charge of the air conditioning system, the cleaning of the filters, as well as the correct operation of the compressor and the system fans. Finally, a review and cleanup of distributors and air ducts through the cabin is not too much.

Not all drivers are aware that the air conditioner fulfills its mission thanks to a gas that helps cool the air that moves through the cabin. A gas that, over time, loses part of its properties, and that can be extremely volatile if there is a small leak in its operating circuit. If you want to enjoy a cool summer while driving, check your car’s air conditioning system. Make sure it has the necessary gas charge and that the system is waterproof.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Not only gas, but the air conditioning circuit must also check. And take the opportunity to change the system filters or, at least, clean them thoroughly. A dirty or damaged filter can cause a malfunction of the air conditioning system that generates a significant breakdown. It is forcing a worse operation of other elements, such as the air conditioning compressor, a vital part of the system. Which often also has other functions collaborating with mechanics. So if the air conditioning compressor does not work correctly or loses strength, your car must inevitably pass through the workshop.

The air compressor of a car works thanks to a timing belt directly connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle. A malfunction of the compressor can create a breakdown of the car. It can also be the failure of the compressor caused by a Malfunction of another component of the vehicle. That has not yet “turned its face,” and the failure of the compressor is precisely its first symptom. So do not forget to perform proper maintenance of it when taking your car to the workshop. You will save money. And you will also do it if you are equally cautious with fans. Watch that they work correctly and not intermittently.

It takes the opportunity to check the outlets of dashboard front vents, those mainly located under the front seats, direct the rear seat airflow. It is likely that during the winter, dirt and debris have accumulated in them. That prevents a correct exit of the air or the adequate regulation of the same that prevents the air from directly impacting any passenger.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Also, remember that the use of the air conditioner is not better because it set at its lowest temperature. You will save fuel and money and have the same cold if you maintain a stable temperature. Both in summer and winter, circulating with the air conditioner regulated at 21 degrees provides a pleasant stable temperature. In sensations, it does not cause significant thermal shock with the outside temperature and prevent the consequent fogging of crystals.And in summer

it directly avoids cold air currents on passengers. Many times they are the direct cause of serious strangling that can end up in complicated pneumatological processes of different severity.
How much does it cost to recharge the air conditioner?

When the summer season and good weather begin, there are thousands of offers. That offers were raining down to the workshops in search of recharging the gas from air conditioning, being cold, and fighting high temperatures.

The price, as in everything, is usually very varied, depending on the range of the car. It is not the same to recharge the air conditioning of a Dacia Logan than a BMW 5 Series.

But speaking of average prices, they have similar rates to other provinces such as Valencia. In these, the price does not exceed 60 dollars on average, while in Seville it costs less than 50 dollars and in Zaragoza, it amounts to almost 75 dollars.

Finally, it should clarify that it will always be cheaper to recharge in a traditional workshop than in a studio of the brand itself. The prices for a mid-range car can be around 150 dollars, with the corresponding benefit that entails.