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How to Do if We Lose the Car Keys

car keys

In the pockets of the pants (or in the bag), there are always three objects of vital importance to which attention must pay: the wallet, the mobile, and the car keys. Everyone has lost one (or several) of them on occasion, suffering the corresponding setback of losing files and personal data in the case of the smartphone or having to request duplicates of all documentation in the case of the portfolio. And the case of losing the keys can also become a headache.

In cars from years ago, the keys were much simpler and making a duplicate did not cost much more than doing the house keys. However, in the times that run virtually all have a command that integrates the physical key and an electronic chip or transponder to open and close the car without having to touch the bowler. Not to mention more advanced ones such as the BMW Display Key that looks like a mobile with its screen and the need to be charged.

This situation leads us to duplicate the keys that can easily exceed 100 euros (depending on the type of vehicle and the brand). We have already reviewed other situations such as

When buying a car, two sets of keys usually give, having a spare one precisely for these occasions. It is best to leave it at home to be able to have it at any time. In the case of going on vacation, it is also advisable to take the spare keys so that you do not have to return if you lost the main game. In this way, if the keys are lost, it will be enough to go for your copy and proceed to open the car.

If there is no option to get to the car on your means (nobody can take you or is far away), there are some insurance companies that take care of it. It is advisable if there is a clause in the policy that covers it, as there is the option of roadside assistance and take the car to the desired point or that they look for the second game and send it to you. In any case, if you left with only one set of keys after this loss, you must proceed to duplicate so as not to run out of anything if there is a net loss.

car keys

You don’t have a copy of the keys

It is precisely the other situation that can occur. The keys are lost, and there are no spare ones, either because they had lost before, either because it is a second-hand car, and the previous owner did not give them to you. In this way, we should directly discard the quick and easy solution that we explained above. And now the insurance policy that has contracted becomes more important, as it will make a difference.

In some cases, roadside assistance will take care of moving the vehicle to a safe place until you get new keys. In others, the insurer will directly take care of getting them, and they could even leave you a replacement car during that period. If the insurance does not cover anything, what you need to do is call the vehicle manufacturer directly so they can make a copy of the lost keys.

The brand will ask you for some personal and vehicle data to make sure you are the owner. In addition to the DNI, the frame number and the key code must be available, so at this point, it is key to have done with photocopies of all the documentation of the vehicle previously (remember that the vehicle closed and you do not have keys). Without this code, you can continue duplicating, but it will take longer and will be more expensive.

Now many manufacturers allow opening the vehicle with the user’s smartphone achieving a kind of digital key thanks to an application. This result could also solve the problem of losing the physical keys, but you should always make sure you have a copy in case what is lost is the mobile phone.

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