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Everything You Need to Know About the Windshield Wiper

Car Windshield

We already tell you the story of this indispensable element. In 1903 a young woman called it to her that the rain on the windshield of a moving vehicle was a problem that could eliminate. Then it was something accepted by the few drivers that existed, who occasionally removed the windshield moisture by hand so they could see while they were driving.

Anderson discovered such an important component that, today, it is one of the elements to which more attention is paid in the ITV since its bad state can be constitutive of a serious defect. According to data provided by the employer of Conepa workshops, 66% of motorists never check their brushes. 27% do it once a year and 11% just before going to the ITV.

It can give us laziness, but when the windshield wiper blades do not clean or make a squeaky noise, it is time to change them since the tires may be very worn, which leads to a 20% decrease invisibility. But do not panic that is simple, but as everything has its technique.

  1. Read the manufacturer’s instruction book. It is necessary to know the measures of each one since the rear may be different from the pilot or the co-pilot. Also, each brand and model is different and maybe uninstalled in a different way than your head had designed, and the adapters may be different.
  2. Start the windshield wiper so that they are in an upward position and thus minimize the risks of scratching the moon. After closing the contact, carefully separate the fixed arm and remove the knuckle from the movable arm (the elongated rubber).
  3. Once the movable arms removed, you must place the new ones on a kind of hook. You will need some adapters that will come in the box and that placed with light pressure, without tools.
  4. Adapt the rubber to the fixed arm and activate them to verify that they work correctly at different speeds.



If they do not work when you drive them, the brushes may be badly attached to the fixed arm, so you will have to replace them. If what happens is that they make that squeaky noise is that there may be excessive friction with the front moon or that they badly placed. In the first case, it may be due to the wax deposit on the moon, and although you do not use it to wash the car, cleaning centers usually apply it. To remove it, you have to clean the moon by hand or using the liquid from the tank.

If they improperly placed, activate the contact of the car and start it. Then, stop them when they are in the up position, turn off the contact and from outside the car, check that the arms are well fixed, and the connectors are not loose, as this could be the cause of the sound.

Does the sweep leave stretch marks? This result can be because the rubber of the brush damaged, maybe a sharp change in the outside temperature. Solution? Replace them with new ones.

Windshield maintenance


To maximize the efficiency of the sweep, you must ensure that the brushes are clean. Therefore it is advisable to clean them every two months or even less if we are in a time of scarce rains: a chamois or a clean cloth dampened with some alcohol or a glass cleaner product is enough to remove excess dirt.

Try always to have enough windshield wiper washer fluid in the tank; You never know if you will have to go through one, a sandstorm, or eliminate the depositions of a Leonardo Vulture. If you do not want to spend your money on a specific liquid, you can mix distilled water with glass cleaner liquid, but never with tap water: lime could clog the spouts where the liquid is expelled or crust the sleeves and ejectors. Also, do not add any antifreeze or dishwashing detergent.


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