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How to Detect if Your Brake is in Poor Condition?

brake in poor condition

Does your car brake well? It seems that the brakes are one of the unknown components of the car since only 13.5% of motorists know how to detect if they are in poor condition, at least that says a report from Road House, a manufacturer of automotive friction products.

USA drivers demonstrate little or little awareness regarding a key component in the safety of their cars, such as brake. Only 13.5% can detect if they are in poor condition.

This result is one of the conclusions reached by a report from the Road House company, which adds that 13.4% of these drivers personally care about the pads, while 85% trust This action to a mechanic professional.

brake in poor condition

These data correspond to the fact that 89.8% admit that the brakes must compulsorily pass periodic reviews and also consider it a key component for car safety.

However, of this high percentage, only 65.4% claim to know that the brake check is specific and is not associated with the general examination of the car.

brake pad replacing

Almost six out of ten drivers point out that the maintenance of the brakes done in a certain mileage period and just over half indicates that it runs every 15,000 kilometers. 53.3% of drivers suspect a malfunction in this component for hearing noises or squeaking.

By way of guidance, the company preparing the report recommends that every 10,000 kilometers or in vehicle reviews, the front wheel must remove, and the brake must examine. If there is only a thickness of 3 millimeters of the usable tablet, It is necessary to proceed to your change.

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