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What Are The Useful Stuff That You Should Take In Car

Car With Led Headlights

The glove compartment of the car is a good place to store a wide variety of utensils since they are safe and easily accessible in case we need to pull it without a problem. Unfortunately, there are very few drivers who dedicate their time to organizing the glove compartment, and instead of carrying useful items they prefer to store unnecessary items such as CDs or cosmetics.

We had already made an exhaustive list of, so today we are going to focus on those items that you can and should carry in the car’s glove compartment, from papers, flashlight, tire meter, mobile charger…

Backup headlight bulb

Before we make a list, we need to have a backup headlight bulb in car first To make sure that if your car headlight is down suddenly at night, you don’t have to drive at risk without any light on road.

backup headlight bulb

License and registration

All important documents, such as a driving license, car license, technical inspection card of the vehicle and safekeeping of the insurance in a plastic bag or attached by a paper clip, must be stored.

In case of emergency

The experts of the AAA Foundation recommend, in case of emergency, a card with important information about you and your passengers. Emergency cards, such as firefighters, police, doctors and roadside assistance, should be listed on that card.

Also, you should write down the medications you take or the type of allergies you have. If you are traveling with children, make sure you include this type of information, since if you are involved in an accident, it is normal that you are not able to communicate the information directly.


There are currently dozens of small LED flashlights on the market that take up very little space and are capable of emitting a large amount of light. For example, the use of the flashlight can be quite useful if we have to change a tire at night. You never really know when you have to need the flashlight.



Fuses are those small safety devices that protect the electrical elements of the car, such as the windows, lights, radio… and act as life insurance for them. In the event of excessive current intensity that could damage the electrical system, the fuse is broken by cutting off the flow of electrical current. We can get them at a hardware store and it doesn’t cause us a lot of money.

car fuse

First aid kit

It should contain adhesive bandages, cotton balls or painkillers or pain relievers (such as aspirin and prescription drugs).

Phone charger

If you have a smartphone you should know that the battery does not last long, especially if you are using Bluetooth. Luckily, most chargers are small.


If you visit a new city, be sure that you will need a map (unless you know the city by heart), either to see a specific address or to orient yourself. It is true that with the appearance of GPS has become obsolete, but it is not too much, it does not take up practically space.

Paper and pen

As simple as it may seem, carrying a paper and a pen in the glove compartment of the car is essential since you can get involved in an accident and you will need to exchange information to fill in the part of the accident. In addition, they serve to write down all kinds of addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Box of tissues or wet wipes

Although it may not seem really important, it always works well in case your hands make contact with some dirty part of the car.

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