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Eight Symptoms That Your Car Would Die Soon

Emits abundant strange fumes

It is a matter of nature, practically everything has a finite life. And, although there are several people who put their long teeth with the common thing, you had to face the decline of your car, the progressive introduction into a comma with no return.

While the way in which cars are manufactured has undergone a brutal change in recent years, there are a number of very general symptoms that warn you that your car has the hours counted:

1. Indicator light flashing

If a indicator light suddenly lights up, don’t worry. The first thing is to make sure you know what you are. Low oil level? Should we put more windshield washer fluid? The problem appears when the indicator light is continuously asking for help desperately. If, for example, the warning light relating to a problem of a gas anomaly, not procrastinates, your car could be suffering a heart attack and urgently needs the inspection of a professional.

2. Has an insatiable thirst for oil

Depending on the car, each engine has different oil needs in order to perform correct lubrication that guarantees its durability. However, if consumption levels are at considerably high figures we would be facing a tired engine. For this situation, there are specific products that guarantee better engine care.

If the excessive consumption of oil is due to the suffering from oil losses, once again do not hesitate and go to a workshop.
To avoid the problem would result in pushing the engine to a level of unbearable suffering that would destroy it completely.

3. Emits abundant strange fumes

If your car begins to give off large amounts of smoke, it is crucial to know exactly what happens to your car.

If the color is bluish, the engine would be burning oil excessively. We should pay attention to an anomaly in the valves and piston rings, and request a technical review in a workshop.

If the smoke is white and its density is thick, it comes from the burning of coolant in the engine. For this to occur, an abnormal fault must have occurred as a possible crack in the engine block, or in the cylinder head gasket. From here many ask the question of whether it is worth spending a lot of money on the repair or say goodbye to your car.

Emits abundant strange fumes

4. Critical parts of your car are rusty

Once the rust has infected your car it begins to spread throughout the vehicle reaching even vital parts such as brakes. Acting fast is crucial, however, if we let it pass or we don’t realize it we could literally rot our car to the point that it falls apart.

car brakes are rusty

5. The engine block has cracked

Even the smallest engine block is composed of a series of materials aimed at correct resistance and protection of the cylinders as well as in the crankshaft support brackets. Therefore, if you find a crack or even a hole, depending on the severity of the hole, it may be time to consider whether it is worth investing in its repair.

car engine block has cracked

6. You have a breakdown in the injector

The most expensive breakdowns that can happen to your car, 6% of them are related to a failure in the injectors.

In the best scenario, the fault focuses only on an injector. However, it would not be strange if such a problem extended to the entire engine injection system. In this case, a recommendation or even the only solution would be to replace each of the injectors to avoid major evils in the engine.

7. You have a breakdown in the head gasket

If we have been talking about fairly expensive breakdowns, we must at this point create a new metric system to quantify what a breakdown in the head gasket means for our portfolio.

A piece of “simple” appearance, whose repair is around 24 hours of work (which results in huge labor costs) as well as in what the piece itself costs.

Depending on your car and the kilometers you carry, letting it go to a better life can save you many complications.

8. The engine has been seized

The most serious breakdown for a gasoline or diesel engine. A comma car where the only repair goes through an open motor operation whose price can be a tremendous expense considering if the value of the vehicle bulb in the market does not compensate for the repair price.

Repair costs are greater than the value of the vehicle

In relation to the last mentioned, if the value of the repair approaches or even exceeds the value of the car in the market, do not hesitate, it is time to leave the keys and not look back. Unless you’re an incurable romantic, it’s not worth investing in.

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