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Do You Know How to Clean Your Windshield With Rainwater

Clean Your Windshield

Each driver uses 20 liters of water a year to clean his windshield. Thanks to two children, Ford investigates using it using Rainwater.

Water is the most precious natural element, and today, we need to save it and conserve it to dispose of it in the future. Each vehicle uses approximately 20 liters of water each year to keep the windshield of your car clean. A task that Ford engineers now intend to perform sustainably thanks to the ingenuity and concern of two children, who raised the possibility of using Rainwater to carry it out.

Clean Your Windshield

Daniel and Lara Khron are two American children. These brothers traveled with their parents in the car when they came up with an exciting idea that could well contribute to saving millions of liters of water every year. Instead of separating the drops of water with the windshield wipers, pick it up and accumulate it in the tank of the windshield washer fluid for reuse in windshield cleaning when necessary. During the trip, his father tried to clean the glass stains, but the tank was empty, and what he did was to make it even dirtier. The rest of the trip was spent devising systems to prevent the deposit from being emptied.

“It was a real downpour. Water was everywhere, except in the windshield washer reservoir. My sister and I thought this was a lot of fun and, suddenly, the answer seemed obvious: reuse rainwater,” says Daniel, an 11-year-old boy from the town of Julich. “We couldn’t believe anyone had thought about it before,” says Lara, 9. “To test it, we disassembled our toy fire truck, put the pump on a toy car, and tested it inside an aquarium. Then we added a filtering system to make sure the water was clean. It worked very well.”

Clean Your Windshield

The Khron brothers presented their ideas in a contest of local scientific competition and won the first prize. An idea that is now being developed to it in real scale in a Ford test vehicle. The oval brand engineers who heard about this idea were so surprised by it that they offered the Khron the possibility of installing a full-size device in a Ford S-Max as a test.

“The idea of ​​Daniel and Lara has been ahead of the noses of millions of drivers for decades, and it has been necessary for a moment of naivety to make it happen. Through rubber tubes, Ford engineers connected the windshield base with the reservoir of the liquid that cleans it. Just five minutes under a shower is enough for the tank to fill,” says Theo Geuecke, supervisor of exterior chassis equipment for Ford.

Clean Your Windshield

The additional cameras and sensors that are driving assistance systems require to install onboard. The car needs the use of water to keep them clean, something necessary to provide the correct information correctly. Ford engineers are working on different methods that allow the collection of Rainwater, and its accumulation, filtration, and conservation on board the car. It includes a process that filters the humidity of the air and converts it into drinking water.

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