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How to Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow With a 4 X 4 Car

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow

The adventure of a group of young people with a car with 4 × 4 traction and blockages leads us to think that something else is needed to avoid getting caught in the snow.

This past weekend we had a good dose of cold and snow, a situation that has led thousands of drivers to get stuck on a toll road. In the end, it seems that the fault of this situation is nobody’s fault. Or yes, of the drivers who have not known how to prepare to face this storm. It must say that this type of situation, in which the weather overcomes the authorities and the highway concessionaires, is something that our neighbors in American are very used to do that. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter the forecast and the preparation: nature is usually unstoppable.

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow
But still, drivers have to be careful if they have to make a trip through an area where a good snowfall expected. Although there are means to remove the snow and extreme precautions, there is always the possibility of high retention. With the existence of this risk, you have to travel prepared. You can not miss warm clothes, but also some blanket, and it does not hurt to equip with enough water and food.It could be in the form of energy bars, which take up little space and can provide the calories needed to spend a night standing on the road.

Bringing the fuel tank full, the battery of the mobile charged, blankets, and food and drink is essential if we travel in these conditions. Refueling and carrying enough gasoline for a long journey is another good idea. If retention occurs, it can help keep the engine running and with its heating. Every half an hour, you have to ventilate the interior, opening the doors or windows for a few seconds, to renew the air. Also, it should remember that the snow can plug the exhaust, so it is convenient to check it every few times so that there are no problems.

Avoid Staying Blocked in the Snow
And, if the car is 4 × 4?
Another issue that has seen these days is the story of the boys who trapped in a mountain, the Angliru, aboard 4 × 4 vehicles. The exchange of calls between 112 and the kids has gone viral. They felt safe because they used a four-wheel-drive car, but they got caught getting off. Why didn’t the 4 × 4 help them out of the problem?

The 4 × 4 traction system, even if it has blockages, is a system that acts when traction exists. That is, it is beneficial to face the rise, but it is not helpful for the descent. When performing this, the car usually does not find resistance, and the total traction system does not provide the necessary force to move forward. In this case, a 4 × 4 vehicle may be more practical than one with front-wheel drive, but in the case of a snowfall of these characteristics, it is not enough.

Before leaving for an area, there is a risk of snowfall and more of these characteristics; the car must equip with chains. These provide enough contact so that you can move and go down the mountain pass without losing control. Another possibility is to use winter tires, something that is very common in areas where drivers are accustomed to moving with snow or low temperatures. These tires allow a better grip than those of summer even without ice or snow; always below 7ºC, their efficiency is better than summer.

Anyway, and we have commented at the beginning, nature usually wins the game in these cases, so the best is common sense, caution, and be well equipped just in case.

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