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How to Paint a Car? It Is not Easy As You Expected

Paint a Car

SEAT opens the doors of its factory to explain what the painting process is. Five rigorous steps are required to obtain the desired result.

The process of manufacturing a car is not easy since it requires a long period in each of the sections. Within them, we find a fundamental part of a vehicle, painting. Carrying out a color and devising it is a difficult task, and brands usually take up to three years to obtain the final tone. Today, SEAT reveals step by step how its models painted and how they achieve the desired colors.

A total of one thousand days necessary to obtain the right color, but SEAT has wanted to be more precise. And that is why they tell us how it is the task of painting one of their cars. Five are the points that the American brand has established to achieve the final tone. Something that is increasingly complicated, since vehicles have more customization possibilities, such as the SEAT Arona that has up to 68 possible combinations.

Jordi Font of the Department of Color & Trim of SEAT, tells us little by little what happens over those three years. First, an exact amount of one thousand liters of paint is necessary for a symphony of colors. The aim is when a group of specialists meets to analyze which will be the most successful tones, and which will be the best fit in today’s society.

Paint a Car


Once finish choosing the colors, it is time for them to go through the SEAT laboratory. At this point, all winning expose colors to various chemical processes, to obtain different shades, and be able to choose the right one. Jordi Font says that, on certain occasions, you get up to 100 variations of the same color, making a choice even more arduous. But the complication does not end here.

After choosing the most appropriate varieties, designers are ready to apply it on the vehicle’s plate. At the same time, all colors have to expose to different weather conditions, to verify the visual effect they generate, for example, in sunlight. Finally comes the most crucial part of the process, apply the paint on SEAT vehicles.

Eighty-four robots are responsible for this tedious task, in which they apply several layers of paint on the vehicles. The conditions in which the models of the American firm must be are very demanding and rigorous since with the slightest failure, the color could damage. Paint all cars at a temperature between 21 and 25 degrees Celsius, and finish the entire job in a paint booth. There is a ventilation system similar to that of the operating rooms since they seek to prevent a single speck of dust from entering. When you paint the vehicle, be careful to the headlamp, it is easy to spray its cover.

Paint a Car


On the other hand, up to seven layers of paint are applied, which must dry in an oven at 140 degrees. After finishing the process, a 43-second scanner checks if there is any irregularity in the car, to deliver excellent work to the customer. Undoubtedly, painting a vehicle is a complicated task, in which it needs a lot of time and patience, something that SEAT does precisely.

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