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How to Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels to Avoid Snow Jams

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels

It is normal that with snow there are big traffic jams and conflicts on the road: only 6 out of 10 American drivers know how to put the chains to their cars.
Only 42 percent of the inhabitants of the great American capitals know how to put the strings in their vehicle. According to the report that Radiography the Mobility Habits of the American prepared by the Mobility Forum that supports Alphabet. The 2017 edition of the story, the fourth one, shows an essential lack that, due to the low frequency and incidence that weather events such as the current one have on American roads. American drivers have: We do not know how to use the car in winter conditions severe.
Nearly 400 roads affected by snow and numerous mountain passes throughout the national geography where the use of chains is required to move forward. The storm of cold and snow that plagues America during these days once again shows one of the critical shortcomings. American motorists have: we do not know how to use our car properly in severe winter conditions.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
The IV Radiography of the Mobility Habits prepared by the Mobility Forum promoted by Alphabet, operator of Renting and services of Mobility Alphabet, shows this. The survey, conducted on 3,500 people from the first major American cities, is undoubtedly worrying. Only four out of every ten motorists could continue their way calmly in the face of heavy snowfall — these days in areas where it is unusual for these phenomena to occur.

In America, it is not usual for us to suffer from these cold waves and harsh weather conditions. Except for the northern part of the country and some isolated mountain areas, American motorists do not routinely face the kind of situations that this causes on the roads. Hence it is logical that in communities such as the Canary Islands, only 2 out of 10 drivers know how to put the chains to their cars. Not everyone climbs the Teide the few times it snows on the Islands. Something similar happens in Andalusia and the rest of the southern part of the country. Snow is not usual, and only 3 out of 10 drivers know the system to follow to mount them.
Even so, the issue is worrisome, since, in the regions of the country where this type of situation is more frequent, it is not that American motorists are showers in this area. In only four communities, 5 out of 10 know how to set up chains. And those who best handle the matter, the inhabitants of Pamplona, are not that they are specialists, because only 55 percent of drivers know how to do it.
Dramatic. And it is for several reasons because this statistic is only the tip of the iceberg that denotes the severe deficiencies that American drivers show when facing adverse conditions on the road. We drive old cars, and as evidenced by the annual statistics offered by ITVs, we do not usually keep in the right conditions.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
Riding winter chains or tires is part of vehicle maintenance
And as the tire manufacturers complain through the statistics obtained in their studies and controls. The vast majority of American motorists do not routinely control their tire pressures. Or they regularly inspect their condition to verify if they suffer any defect or problem. And the knowledge of the effectiveness of winter tires to circulate both on snow or ice. But the water is unknown by the vast majority of drivers; even at a temperature below 7º, they are more efficient than summer tires.
And if we do this with the only thing that unites us to the ground when we circulate, it is normal that we do not worry about having in our trunk. The chains that can take us out of the swamp during our trip. It is still part of the maintenance work of our vehicle that we should do when we prepare it to overcome the winter. As crucial as antifreeze is to have chains in the trunk during the winter months, especially if we travel regularly or if we live in areas near mountain passes.
Together both issues, we can also deduce what happens every time; it rains heavily in big cities, where both the fear and ignorance that drivers show. When driving on wet and slippery pavements, make repair shops rub their hands every once the rain makes its appearance. The number of accidents and scopes due to driver malpractice increases markedly, and the traffic jams become endless.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
Eight tips for driving in adverse weather conditions
So, we should ask ourselves if the Americans know how to drive in stressful situations. If we can adequately control our vehicles when water, snow, or ice make their appearance on the roads and occasionally our car slips or skids under any circumstances.
In the same way, it is not worth to build eight-lane highways to avoid the jams of the significant departure or return operations on vacations. Nor can we foresee all the circumstances that will occur during our trip. But we can do some minimal methodical actions that help us overcome them without significant problems. Activities such as go to driving improvement courses, perform proper maintenance of our vehicle, check the exact condition of the tires more frequently, respect the speed limits, maintain appropriate driving caution, etc.

Put Chains With Vehicle Wheels
For now, here are some tips that you can put into practice to drive during a snowfall:
1. It runs in short gears, avoiding both speeding and sudden use of the brake pedal.
2. Avoid clutch use as much as possible, you will lose traction and may cause loss of control of the moving vehicle
3. Make a smoother ride; sudden maneuvers in both the change of direction and in the use of the brake or accelerator can cause loss of control of the vehicle.
4. Do not brake thoroughly; you will block the wheels and cause the car to slide
5. Double your safety distance, don’t drive close to the vehicles that precede you. Doing so may prevent you from reacting on time
6. Run with the fuel tank as full as possible. If you suffer a prolonged stop, you will need it to keep the car warm and to have heating inside the vehicle
7. During a winter trip, if you always carry water or soft drinks and a blanket. You will appreciate it if you suffer any prolonged stop by traffic jams in a closed port or an accident
8. Try to be informed of the conditions of the roads you are going to drive and the weather conditions you can find. Use reliable sources, such as information offered by official entities through social networks.

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