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Checking the Car Windows or Not It Would Endanger Your Safety

Checking the Car Windows

The DGT places particular emphasis on checking several elements of our car before traveling. Among them are the windshield, a vital aspect of safety

Safety behind the wheel takes precedence over anything, since how high that aspect is in our car will make a difference if you have an accident. The DGT is aware of the number of trips that will be made during the Easter holidays and therefore recommends that all drivers conduct a thorough inspection before embarking on the journey. However, they have placed particular emphasis on reviewing an unusual element, the moons of our car.

Checking the Car Windows

Among the importance of paying vital attention to tires, shock absorbers, oils, and filters, we also find the windows of our car. The DGT prioritizes the care of this element since the information that happens on the road is through them. At the same time, a series of tips have also been provided to keep the wiper blades and wipers in perfect condition, since it depends on them that the visibility is correct.

The DGT insists that we should wash the brushes of our car with a detergent and sponge once a month so that there are no remains in them and dirties the moons. Another critical element to keep this element intact is not to activate the windshield wipers. When the glass has ice or dirt, to avoid unnecessary wear and, last but not least, we must always use a windshield washer fluid for the effectiveness and duration of the brushes.

However, visibility is not the only thing provided by the glass of our car since, when they are in good condition, they are also a fundamental element of safety. The windshield provides up to 30% resistance to the structure of a vehicle, something key to avoiding sinking the roof in case of overturning. This element also has a vital role in protecting our companion, since the airbag of this exerted high pressure on the first moon when it fired.

Checking the Car Windows

The modern technology is making an appearance in most vehicles today. Much of this has various sensors, which are installed directly on the windshield itself — the safety measures, such as the maintenance assistant in the lane or emergency braking. Two new additions are present in virtually any vehicle, and that can help us avoid an accident.

The DGT seeks to raise awareness among all drivers of the vital importance of this element, with the intention the moons are also subject to review before embarking a trip. Thanks to this, we can not only keep our vehicles intact longer. We can also move safer and have a higher number of possibilities to avoid having an accident on the road.

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