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Correctly Maintenance to Your Car Air Conditioning

Air Conditioning vehicle

From this time, high temperatures arrive, have you done the maintenance of the air conditioning? Do you want to know how much the gas refill will cost you?

Air conditioning onboard your car is not just a measure of comfort. It is also an important safety measure that will prevent both a trip to adverse conditions and the possibility of accidents. Driving under the influence of heats such as those that will be produced again on American roads from tomorrow is not good.

Add stress to driving, as both driver and passengers increase their discomfort and nervousness during the trip. They also generate impatience – for example, to reach a destination where you can drink some refreshing liquid. Or it drowsiness behind the wheel – especially if we have just eaten – with the grave danger that this causes.

If during the winter, you have not worried about doing proper maintenance of your vehicle. Now you can find yourself with unpleasant consequences, such as a malfunction of the air conditioning or the air conditioning system of your car. Problems whose solution is simple, but that can make you spend some time without your vehicle. Due to the high number of drivers who will go through the workshop to update their cars for the next vacation and high heats.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Refrigerant gas 134a, responsible for cooling the passenger compartment
If you want to avoid it, get ahead of them and try to check the refrigerant gas charge of the air conditioning system, the cleaning of the filters, as well as the correct operation of the compressor and the system fans. Finally, a review and cleanup of distributors and air ducts through the cabin is not too much.

Not all drivers are aware that the air conditioner fulfills its mission thanks to a gas that helps cool the air that moves through the cabin. A gas that, over time, loses part of its properties, and that can be extremely volatile if there is a small leak in its operating circuit. If you want to enjoy a cool summer while driving, check your car’s air conditioning system. Make sure it has the necessary gas charge and that the system is waterproof.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Not only gas, but the air conditioning circuit must also check. And take the opportunity to change the system filters or, at least, clean them thoroughly. A dirty or damaged filter can cause a malfunction of the air conditioning system that generates a significant breakdown. It is forcing a worse operation of other elements, such as the air conditioning compressor, a vital part of the system. Which often also has other functions collaborating with mechanics. So if the air conditioning compressor does not work correctly or loses strength, your car must inevitably pass through the workshop.

The air compressor of a car works thanks to a timing belt directly connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle. A malfunction of the compressor can create a breakdown of the car. It can also be the failure of the compressor caused by a Malfunction of another component of the vehicle. That has not yet “turned its face,” and the failure of the compressor is precisely its first symptom. So do not forget to perform proper maintenance of it when taking your car to the workshop. You will save money. And you will also do it if you are equally cautious with fans. Watch that they work correctly and not intermittently.

It takes the opportunity to check the outlets of dashboard front vents, those mainly located under the front seats, direct the rear seat airflow. It is likely that during the winter, dirt and debris have accumulated in them. That prevents a correct exit of the air or the adequate regulation of the same that prevents the air from directly impacting any passenger.

Air Conditioning vehicle
Also, remember that the use of the air conditioner is not better because it set at its lowest temperature. You will save fuel and money and have the same cold if you maintain a stable temperature. Both in summer and winter, circulating with the air conditioner regulated at 21 degrees provides a pleasant stable temperature. In sensations, it does not cause significant thermal shock with the outside temperature and prevent the consequent fogging of crystals.And in summer

it directly avoids cold air currents on passengers. Many times they are the direct cause of serious strangling that can end up in complicated pneumatological processes of different severity.
How much does it cost to recharge the air conditioner?

When the summer season and good weather begin, there are thousands of offers. That offers were raining down to the workshops in search of recharging the gas from air conditioning, being cold, and fighting high temperatures.

The price, as in everything, is usually very varied, depending on the range of the car. It is not the same to recharge the air conditioning of a Dacia Logan than a BMW 5 Series.

But speaking of average prices, they have similar rates to other provinces such as Valencia. In these, the price does not exceed 60 dollars on average, while in Seville it costs less than 50 dollars and in Zaragoza, it amounts to almost 75 dollars.

Finally, it should clarify that it will always be cheaper to recharge in a traditional workshop than in a studio of the brand itself. The prices for a mid-range car can be around 150 dollars, with the corresponding benefit that entails.

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