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How to Choose the Best Workshop to Repair Your Car

car Workshop

Going through the workshop is a severe disruption to the economy of many motorists. Hence it is necessary to find out where it is cheaper.

The workshop bill is one of the roles that a motorist is most afraid of. The high amount of repairs and maintenance operations of a car is at the base of many of the road safety problems of our roads given, in many cases, a high amount of the activities carried out. Therefore, it is increasingly important to select the workshop since the amount of repair may vary significantly from one type to another or directly from the region or province in which it located.

A report made by Autingo indicates – an online platform to calculate and reserve real-time repairs in workshops throughout America. On the cost of certain workshop operations in the different American provinces and regions. To prepare the report, Auto technicians have taken as an example a SEAT Ibiza V and calculated through their platform. The cost in each community of some most common repairs, taking as a reference in them the price of the materials used, the value of workshop time, and taxes.

car Workshop

Despite what it might seem, the results are much more homogeneous than it looks. Because the costs of repairs remain more or less stable, regardless of the repair to be performed and, generally, those provinces that are more expensive. They are in all repairs, as is the case with the cheapest ones.

Thus, Navarra, Cantabria, and the Community of Madrid are the regions where the average prices of the different repairs are more expensive. While Extremadura, La Rioja, and the Region of Murcia are the ones that offer the most affordable prices. By provinces, Álava, Navarra, and Cantabria are the ones that occupy the podium of the most expensive, while the ones with the lowest price are Jaen, Cordoba, and Ciudad Real.

The average accumulated price of all the operations carried out says that the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest region would be 81.20 dollars. It is 5.6 percent over the total value of the same. If we performed all selected operations between the most expensive part and the lowest prices diverge 17.60 dollars. In all cases, the change operation of the clutch kit barely does at 10.80 dollars. This smaller difference hardly represents a divergence of 1.66 percent between the prices of Navarra and those of Extremadura. The most significant deviations occur between the workshops of the community of Navarra and Extremadura in the operation of changing front brake pads. The 17.60 euros of price difference represent a 26.74% difference between their respective prices, the most significant percentage difference shown in the report.

car Workshop

If what we look at is the province, the average cumulative price of all the operations carried out, says that the difference between the most expensive and the cheapest is just 7.4 percent. Although in some activities such as the change of the front brake pads – curiously the most frequent of those selected – the price dispersion varies by 22.50 dollars, 26.6 percent. Interestingly, those 22.50 dollars of difference are the variations that also occur in the rest of the operations selected by Artingo. It represents a dispersion of 18.65 percent in the price of the change of the timing belt, 8, 12 percent in the shift in the water pump, 6.05% in the distribution kit, and 3.37% in the turn of the clutch kit.

According to the report’s conclusions, the price of labor is primarily responsible for price differences and what most alters the amount of the invoice when establishing each workshop at its rates. According to Auto, ” differences of up to 33 percent can be achieved between the provinces with the most expensive and cheapest labor.” Since the price of the components, especially between official spare parts, is the same for all provinces and regions

As for the average cost of repairs in the main cities of America, you can see the price differences existing for the operations. The most significant difference is in the brake pad change operation on the front axle, where the price differences are especially striking.

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