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6 Ways to Check Your Car in Summer for Safety Driving

6 Ways Not to Forget For Your Car in Summer

The heat brings the aroma to vacation, and it is time to prepare for them. And your car and its reviews should be what you think first.

If you have neglected the maintenance of the same, it is time to perform a proper set-up, especially now that the workshops do not collapse. Because as soon as July arrives, we will be in a hurry to prepare our car to face the period of guarantees year. We all enjoy it most: summer vacations.

Guarantees of tranquility that avoid us as far as possible unforeseen to leave us lying on the road. With the car loaded to the brim of family, friends, and luggage and cause us a significant breakdown in the portfolio that prevents us from enjoying our leisure days as we had planned.

For many, this will be their first major review since the vacations of the previous year. It is very likely that, since then, they have not revisited a workshop. Reason for investing more time and money in doing a useful review that puts our four-wheel mate back in perfect order for the trip. And in these cases, there are several elements of the vehicle that you should not stop controlling. Here is a brief list of the main points that you should check and verify its correct operation, as well as the average price for repairs.

6 Ways Not to Forget For Your Car in Summer

1. Filters and engine oil

If you want to avoid real scares on the road, this is the first action you should undertake in the preparation of your car. Changing the oil and oil engine, passenger compartment, and fuel filters will prevent future problems. Oil is the life of the engine. In addition to checking that it is at the appropriate levels, and reviewing the possible losses that occur in the engine’s lubrication system, it is also worth checking its quality. The best thing if you are traveling after a year is that you change it for a suitable oil. As for the filters, its function is to prevent impurities from causing operating problems in the engine and other mechanical elements of the car.

2. Antifreeze and cooling system

May the name does not confuse you. Say something can leave you frozen and lying on the road in the middle of August, and at 40 degrees, it is undoubtedly this liquid. Or, rather, the absence of it. The antifreeze is the basis of the engine cooling system. The tightness of the refrigeration circuit and the adequate level of the liquid contained in it are necessary to allow your trip this vacation not to become an ordeal. The primary mission of antifreeze is to avoid the dreaded heavens of car mechanics. This liquid enables the car engine to always run at the right temperature. It is primarily responsible for many of the usual breakdowns of the summer, those in which we see the car standing on a shoulder with an open hood and a desperate family and with anguished face around him.

The 42 dollars on average cost is to replace the antifreeze liquid and verify the proper functioning of the cooling system. It should not serve as excuses to control both the level of the liquid and the excellent condition of the fan. The system thermostat and the different belts and sleeves, remember that a bottle of water in the car will then be of little use to fill the cooling system. Because when the heater produced, the water you add will be lost irretrievably by the busted sleeves of the system.

The water pump is also part of the cooling system. Everything depends on its correct functioning and is one of the elements that can fail the most. Hence its maintenance should also be the object of attention. Changing a pump that is malfunctioning costs about 71 euros on average. The best review you can do for support is to check that the belts are in good condition. The system’s tightness is total, and that the liquid level is at its optimum filling point.

6 Ways Not to Forget For Your Car in Summer

3. Brakes

The pads, discs, and brake fluid levels should be the object of special attention in our pre-trip review. The pads and discs are subject to heavy wear and tear. Security and a good part of the behavior of the car depending on its condition. Hence its revision is mandatory. Some pads cost between 50 and 70 euros, the front discs about 105 euros and the brake fluid (which must be changed every two years), about 52 euros. Little money if we consider the lives that contribute to saving.

The brake fluid should be changed every two years because the passage of time causes it to lose part of its viscosity characteristics. The result affects the proper functioning of the hydraulic system that allows the car’s brakes to opera. This operation must be carried out in a workshop, because even more dangerous that the liquid has lost effectiveness. It filled improperly, and the system air has not purged correctly.

A specialist in the field must also replace the pads and discs. It is the best way to avoid significant evils due to incorrect operations that may affect the reliability and quality of braking. The continuous use we make of the brakes causes the wear of both elements, inclement weather, and the state of the roads through which we circulate. The misalignment of the pads, heavy braking to avoid an accident, and other similar situations cause irregular wear that anticipates the moment of change. Stretching the life of the brake pads beyond what the witnesses indicate does not allow us to save money. On the contrary, it will cause damage to the discs that will force us to replace them early.

The poor condition of pads and disks also causes significant vibrations in the direction of the car that ends up affecting the comfort of both driving and driving the vehicle. Watch and change these elements as often as their state and driving style imposes. Every dollar that you “save” on them brings you closer to an accident.

4. Shock absorbers

If summer travel characterized by something, it is undoubtedly the trips of the year in which the car travels more heavily. Hence the importance you should pay, especially to these elements before starting the journey.

The shock absorbers support the load that the car carries; they are an active part of the vehicle’s suspension system and are most responsible for their behavior on the road. How they act also depends on the correct and precise operation of the steering and allow the irregularities of the terrain to be absorbed, facilitating greater comfort on board during the trip.

Indicators that the shock absorbers are not in good condition; they are the sensation of loss of stability of the car in the corners. When we brake the vehicle, it leans too far forward, or when accelerating, it does in excess backward. Irregular tire wear, especially the front tires, also betrays its possible malfunction.

The average cost of replacing the front shock absorbers is 201 dollars on average and the real value of about 130 dollars.

6 Ways Not to Forget For Your Car in Summer

5. Tires

We will not get tired of repeating it. The tires are the only elements of the car that are in contact with the ground. Therefore they must be considered the central component of the vehicle, and its condition and care cannot and should not overlook. It has to be perfect. Investing in tires is investing in security. We will not give the price, because the existing fork is very wide depending on the measure of it and the quality of the compound that we want to mount in our car. Always bet on a quality tire, recognized the brand, and that offers the appropriate information on the approved label.

In general, do not use retreaded tires in tourism. It also monitors that its flanks are in proper condition and that there are no severe defects. If you appreciate any, especially on the sides, change tires immediately. Always ride the same type of tire on the same axle. If possible, all four same brand and according to the measures indicated by the manufacturer of your car. Regularly check the pressures and monitor irregular wear, as they are apparent symptoms of possible vehicle malfunctions.

If there is an experience you will not want, that is undoubtedly a blowout of a tire while driving in your car. Hence your control of them should be a constant in the maintenance and care of your vehicle. In summer, remember that you will circulate with a higher load than usual, so regulate their pressures according to the scales indicated by the manufacturer.

6. Windshield Wipers

In summer, it does not usually rain, but that is no reason not to check the exact condition of your wipers, the level of the windshield washer fluid. Notice that we have said windshield washer fluid and not water. The reason: the chemical composition of windshield washer fluids facilitates the cleaning of the numerous mosquitoes that will impact the windshield when traveling.

Insects and beach dust will make you use your windshield wipers with the same insistence as if it rained, so try to keep the wiper blades in good condition. The sun deteriorates them very quickly, and a brush in poor health will only cause a defective windshield sweep, significantly impairing your visibility while driving.

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