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Tips to Improve Combustion Engines for Your Vehicle

Combustion Engines

Although electric cars seem to be imposing themselves, combustion engines are improving their features to offer more efficiency

The petrol engines were undergoing constant development since its inception 100 years ago. Today, this evolution continues, and every time the blocks are better, more efficient. With technology, it does not only offers more power, lower consumption, and more efficient operation but also serves as a mobility reference. And it is that after growing in size and strength, currently, the trend in this type of engine is to make them smaller, with fewer cylinders and yet maintaining sufficient power to be efficient.

The combustion engine has been changing, and the technology allows the loss of energy to be avoided, which results in better operation and a lower need for fuel. The demanding laws on consumption and emissions have led to this improvement in engines, although there is still a long way to go. The electric cars shown as the most likely to eliminate future combustion engines, but this remains to see. And it is that gasoline engines can continue to improve and even reduce the environmental footprint that it produces, equalizing it to electric cars.

The manufacture of the batteries and the production of electrical energy that feeds them causes the emission of polluting gases. So although cars do not produce gases, they are part of a process that generates pollution. It is to prevent gasoline-powered cars from contaminating as much as before; technology comes to their aid. These are some of the technological solutions that can help you achieve it.

Combustion Engines

The hybridization is an excellent way to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. Joining the combustion engine to an electric one allows the combustion engine to work less and achieve considerable savings in both aspects. Even a 48-volt hybridization, a type of vehicle that is becoming popular, manages to reduce that figure.

Heat and friction management
The heat generated causes the combustion engine not to work correctly, so improving the cooling systems, the driver ends up having a more dynamic behavior. The absence of friction is also attractive since the wear is less, and the operation improves and lasts over time.

The electronic clutch in manual transmissions
The automatic grips are increasingly popular and allow excellent engine performance. But manual changes continue to dominate the market and must also be improved. The inclusion of an electronic clutch will allow cars equipped with manual transmission to use features that were only possible with automatic transmission. And with that, comes the savings in gasoline and emission reduction.

Alternative fuels
And, of course, a combustion engine not only uses gasoline or diesel to move. Although electric seems to become the most popular alternative, the truth is that other fuels are compatible with gasoline engines, or at least, can be adapted to them quickly. All these improvements are those that will allow the combustion engine to continue running and gradually change to the increasingly stringent emissions regulations. And of course, that saving of gasoline that we all like to enjoy.

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