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How to Make the New Car Last for Longer?


New car, holidays, you’re in luck, but try to follow some small tips if you want to enjoy a long time with the least number of problems. You are one of the lucky ones to release a car or are about to do it. You will undoubtedly appreciate this small series of tips. It helps you to get your new adventure partner to last as long as possible in the best conditions.

What is the secret of the longevity of a car? How many years can a car last in good condition? What should I do to keep it as new? These and many others are the questions asked by the owners of tourism when they acquire it. They also ask to get the information necessary to make the vehicle useful as long as possible. A reasonable perspective, but given how events evolve wrong unless you think from the beginning to turn your car into a classic.

In that case, the best thing you can do is have a functional garage space. And then climb the car in a “barricades,” cover it with a tarp, disconnect the battery terminals, and have the prudence to start it once a month and give yourself A walk with him. But surely that is not the case.

If, as usual, you are one of those who are going to use the car practically every day. You think that the first great enemy that your vehicle will face is the “weather.” That is a park on the street. Think that 85 percent of the time you will have it, your car will remain stationary, parked on the road. That is, within reach of the friends of the alien and the devastating effects, the sun, and the severity of the weather can produce different components. Effects that in the case of solar radiation are seen in the long term magnified in various elements of its interior (steering wheel, dashboard, upholstery) due to the magnifying effect that the glazed surfaces produce in them. Especially during the hottest months of the year, July and August, when we park on beaches and in the countryside or mountain areas.


The acidic elements of the trees quickly degrade the protective films of the paint. To avoid these effects, in addition to looking for the shade and shelter of trees or buildings, there are also parasols, protective canvases, and other elements that help avoid such damages. And although only in the rear windows, you can also install privacy sheets.

Remember also that parking under the trees provides shade (remember that the sun tends to change position during the day. But also it gives leaves, dirt, and risks, such as the possibility of attracting lightning during the intense thunderstorms that usually occur in summer. The dust that falls from trees on cars, especially in other seasons of the year, is hugely damaging to the paint and exterior finish of your vehicle. Especially if we take into account the droppings of birds that nest or rest in their branches, all this provides acidic elements on cars. That degrade more quickly the protective films of the paintings and the exterior finish of the vehicles. In these cases, it is always better to wash the car by hand than do it in automatic laundries. The cleaning brushes end up creating micro scratches in the paint relentlessly. They are invaluable, but in the long run, it perceived. Also, automatic laundries do not manage to clean certain parts. The man’s hand does reach (private areas of spoilers, skirts, elimination of accumulated fat, bird shit, insects embedded in the front).

So if you have a car, think first of all of being able to have a garage where you can store it although that will not free. You from a possible blow of the car from an adjacent square or the dreaded possible scratches against the columns. If it will protect your vehicle, that you had parked it on the street. If you live in big cities, it will be increasingly expensive and difficult to leave.

Maintenance, the key to good car preservation

What will best allow your new car to last a long time is summed up in one word: maintenance. It is a more or less fancy word, depending on the model or brand you have chosen, but not may believe.

The maintenance of a car is summed up in prevention. Daily monitoring of the state of your vehicle will allow you to avoid any possible breakdowns and will make you enjoy a car in full form. Check the oil and fluid levels (coolant, wiper, …), the tension and condition of the belts (fan, distribution, …), the operation of the lights, the wiper blades (remember that you can have one in the rear window), are simple tasks that just take a few minutes weekly. You should also check that no foreign elements have introduced in the front grille of the vehicle. It prevents the convenient channeling of the air or the exhaust pipe, whose status can indicate possible anomalies in the engine operation (excess oil, harmful combustion).


Tires and tire condition
Do not forget to monitor the tires and the health and pressures of the tires. It is vital for your safety. The state of the tires tells you through wear if there is a problem in the steering and shock absorbers. If you have overused the brakes or if the shock absorbers have any issues. They are also the best sneaks of whether or not you check the pressures regularly. The tires can allow you to see (according to its design and model) if the brakes give off more dust than usual. The carbon that usually accumulates is a strong indicative), which can warn you that they are reaching the end of their useful life. Select products are sold in the market to clean them and keep them clean and shiny longer.

Car interior
There are also for the different elements inside the car. Yes, if you want your vehicle to remain as new, you should also pay special attention to the interior of the car. There are specific products for dashboards and upholsteries. That help preserves not only the cleaning and prevents the accumulation of dust, but also the quality of the material with which they have manufactured, which helps keep it for longer. Remember that, on many occasions, the windshield is not that it is old, but that you have often forgotten to wash it inside. Dirt accumulates, and you’ll notice when you pass a damp cloth with glass cleaner.

The Audi e-Tron prototype unveils its technological interior at the Royal Danish Playhouse

Inside, you should also periodically check the operation of the power windows, the tension of the seat belts, or the smoothness of the steering wheel rotation (always with the engine running and if possible moving). Also, check that the lights in the framework correctly and that the air vents of the ventilation and air conditioning systems of the car are clean and can be oriented correctly.


Official reviews check the status of the different elements
As for the mechanics, for many motorists, especially for those who lack the knowledge, criteria, and features necessary to perform proper maintenance of it. The best thing is undoubted that they adhere to the plan predetermined by the vehicle manufacturer and Take the car to the workshop to pass the revisions established in the Maintenance Plan. It is the best way to avoid breakdowns since the warranty periods create the appropriate moments of review or change of individual parts and elements of wear. The vehicle that must always work “as the first day” to be able to enjoy your car safely.

The most “handyman” and interested in mechanics must also pass them. Because in many cases, most modern cars do not allow easy access to elements. The operation must be verified by specialists in the workshop, following the protocols set by the manufacturer. Now in which there is an increasing number of items whose operation electronically controlled. Complying with them is the best way to complain about possible anomalies that arise in the car during warranty periods.

Driving form and style
But without a doubt, what will make your car last more or less will be your attitude behind the wheel, the way you drive it. Our best advice is to practice efficient driving, as this type of driving will allow you to preserve your vehicle better and enjoy it more and better. For many, efficient driving is at odds with speed and sensations. You are wrong. It can and should be productive both at a low rate and at high speeds.


Efficient driving allows the oil to lubricate all the moving parts of the mechanics. Driving efficient is to monitor the road carefully, circulating slopes of everything around us, maintaining the proper safety distance at our speed, and the traffic around us and monitoring the asphalt to avoid going through the potholes or floor defects, adequately reducing the rate when passing through sleeping badges and guards.

Driving efficient is to let the engine warm-up for the necessary time (especially in times of low temperatures) before demanding high yields. In doing so, we will allow the oil that lubricates the moving parts of the mechanics to reach all of them well. Also, remember to change to the right revolutions without rushing the gears until you place the car at the right speed for the road and traffic in which you drive. Rushing them and carrying the high revving engine only serves to consume more fuel and take unnecessary risks in driving. Even the sportiest driving forces to be efficient and to know how to properly dose the use of the accelerator, clutch, and brakes to obtain the desired performance of the engine.

Nothing is more harmful to mechanics than driving past turns or revolutions. No engine can resist it, no oil that can stand it. It is to avoid significant and unnecessary accelerations. Also, avoid driving in neutral. Doing so will not allow you to spend less fuel (when idling an engine also consumes). And if you have to brake abruptly, it will cost you much more, since you lack engine brake to reduce your speed. And it forces the operation of pads and disks and thereby considerably reducing its duration. Also, avoid stepping on the clutch at traffic lights or stops. Doing so unnecessarily wears the clutch discs, and you can even burn them.


Finally, think also that parking your car well contributes to extending its useful life. If possible, avoid getting the car on curbs and sidewalks, it can be doubly expensive. Because in addition to the potential fine that can fall if you damage tires, tires, and suspensions. These also suffer from more if you carry the overloaded car, or you tend to take unnecessary loads on board.

In sum, consider that an investment as significant as the one you just made implies not only having enough money to acquire it. You must also have enough time and economic capacity to maintain it properly for as long as you want to enjoy it. Even if your car is outdated or obsolete, the truth is enjoying the driving of classic or old vehicles also has its charm. Especially when under its hood, the well-maintained engines continue to perform effectively and thanks to the good maintenance performed. The rest of the vehicle also offers equal satisfactions.


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