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10 Things You Should Know About Car Windshield

Car Windshield

Although the windshield seems to be one of the least evolving elements in the car, it currently has more features that you may not know.

The windshield is one of the aspects that are in the car, and that perfectly fulfills its function. It protects the driver and other occupants of the vehicle from the air generated by the driving. But that is not its only function, since the windshield represents 30% of the structural strength of the vehicle, helping the roof to not sink in case of overturning.

It is the support of the passenger airbag and helps you contain the weight of the seat occupant inside the vehicle in case of a crash. And if that were not enough, it is through it that we get most of the information we need to drive, since it is the window to the outside through which we circulate. But technology is advancing a lot, and each time, the windshield has more features and utilities. We are going to see some of the ones that have incorporated recently and that Carglass reminded us of.

Car Windshield

In the most equipped models, the driving assistance systems equip several sensor modules, and the windshield is one of the places where some of them can hiDE — the ADAS systems, which are responsible for detecting the lane change or activates emergency braking. When the windshield replaced, this system must be deactivated, and the damaged sensors replaced, if necessary. And then, put them back in place and put them back into operation.

The windshields of the most current cars also serve as Head-Up Display. That interesting device projects the vehicle information on the glass, so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road. The view is also benefited by modern windshields, which capture up to 90% of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. And some models also use a filter for infrared rays, which improve indoor air conditioning.

Other windshields improve the sound insulation of the car with a specific laminate that reduces outside noise by 30%, which improves the comfort inside. These acoustic filters eliminate bass, treble and even the sound caused by rain when hitting the windshield

In the same way, current windshields can equip a thermal defrosting system. That avoids encountering the unpleasant surprise that the surface of the windshield must be scratched on very cold days. The system is different from the rear thermal window; it is much more discreet and allows us to enjoy full visibility in a short time.

Car Windshield

And finally, we have to talk about windshields for armored vehicles, which are becoming very popular in some of the quite problematic parts of the world. The new armored windshields allow greater protection and in its most basic model, 25 mm thick, can withstand one to three impacts of an average gun. In the case of a high-level armored vehicle, level 9 is 80 mm thick and resists the impacts of assault rifles.

The windshield seems to be one of the least advanced elements of the car, but technology also has a place in its design. Thanks to it, we can enjoy more safety, comfort, and information. This is the summary of all these things that the windshield can do in a current car and that perhaps you did not know.

  • Protects the driver and other occupants of the car from the wind and objects that can hit him.
  • You need to strengthen the structural strength of the vehicle.
  • It serves as support and reinforcement of the passenger airbag, preventing it from getting fired.
  • It is the window to the road or street through which we travel.
  • They support the sensors of the driving assistants.
  • They offer sound insulation, thanks to new technologies.
  • They filter ultraviolet and infrared rays, improving driving safety and reducing the effect of the sun.
  • They are used as Head-Up Display, projecting on them the route information.
  • They use defrosting systems to avoid ice on colder days.
  • They serve as protection in armored vehicles.


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