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8 Ways to Improve Your Vehicle Aesthetics and Its Safety

Vehicle Aesthetics

Paying attention to small damage outside the car is not only an aesthetic issue but it also seriously affects the safety of your vehicle.

Caring for the aesthetic appearance of your vehicle is one more way to increase the safety of the vehicle, since monitoring the exterior state of the car and its image is a good way to encourage the maintenance of the vehicle in good condition.

Paying attention to the small aesthetic details and possible defects that occur outside the cars implies a review of them. Review that, even if it is only visual and does not directly affect the operating elements of the same. It can prevent possible problems that are occurring in our car that affect or may have a clear impact on the safety conditions of the same.

The situation is not new. In America, more than 20 million vehicles are subject to technical inspection every year. Two out of 10 vehicles that must pass the ITV do not show up to it. It just over 4.1 million vehicles, 20 percent of those that do, are rejected in their first examination for serious or very serious defects. And of the remaining 16 million vehicles, regardless of their age or seniority. Many of them have one or more minor defects, although they do not imply a suspension of their circulatory capacity. They can eventually cause problems that affect Road safety.

All this means that of every ten cars that are in circulation, almost half have slight problems or deficiencies that can compromise road safety in one way or another. Slight deficiencies that, although once detected so far, do not require immobilization of the vehicle (as in very serious deficiencies) or having to go immediately through the workshop to repair (serious deficiencies). They require the owner to correct them, clearly indicated on the back of the document that is delivered upon passing the inspection. It is necessary to correct the minor defects detected as soon as possible.

Vehicle Aesthetics
Why? Well, basically, for security reasons. Both road safety and the security of your wallet, because if the Civil Guard stops your march. The agents can find you for continuing to circulate without having repaired the minor defects detected in the inspection. And as regards road safety, it should be remembered that the persistence of a slight defect may eventually result in a defect of greater severity. That compromises the safety of both the operation of the vehicle and the occupants and other road users.

And with the new regulations that will come into force next September. ITV technicians may decide to declare the vehicle unfit for circulation if they consider that the accumulation of the combined effects of a different minor. The defects are a sufficient reason to compromise Road safety. So while the old rumor that the collection of an “x” number of minor defects (5, 10,…) forced ITVs to deny the authorization. The movement of the affected vehicle is not strictly true. It can reach prevent you from continuing to use your car on public roads.

In any case, it is about keeping the car in the best possible condition. Visual inspection of its exterior will reveal possible defects that are occurring, and that, in the long run, can lead to significant security problems. These are some of those defects.

A bad condition of the body and exterior elements of the vehicle

Check that the “sheet” of the vehicle does not show any blows and that its decorative elements are firmly attached to it. The pitting on the sheet seriously affects the paint and the elements it contains to protect the body from such devastating effects as corrosion. It is equally important that there are also no sharp or sharp edges, as well as loose elements that can cause other problems. Such as causing a lack of visibility in the driver when detaching while we circulate part of them.
On the other hand, the sinking of the sheet or the bumpers in certain parts of the car. As a result of the small blows that occur daily in car parks or as a consequence of minor incidents of less seriousness can hide. Behind hidden problems in different components mechanics. If your car has suffered these scopes, do not forget to check the mechanic, if defect hidden behind them, that have damaged other elements.

Vehicle Aesthetics
Verify the correct operation of the lights

The consideration of this defect in ITVs is recorded as serious since it directly affects road safety while driving the vehicle. It is normal for the bulbs to blow, or for any of the fuses to fail, especially in older models. Also, check the domes cleanliness and glass of the different optics of the vehicle, as well as its integrity. A break in one of them allows water to penetrate inside, and the result of mixing water and electricity is not good for your vehicle’s electrical system.
Also, do not fail to verify the scope of them and their correct adjustment. The vast majority of cars already have elements that allow you to easily vary the height and range of the light beams manually and verify it takes a few minutes. Remember that at night on the road, it is important to see well what we have ahead of us. And that when adjusting them, you must take into account that there are both long and short lights.
Certain models also include elements to clean the headlight crystals. Checking its condition and proper functioning is also an important maintenance task that you must perform to ensure your safety. Eliminates stains or adhesions of foreign elements that may have occurred on the surface of the optics. They will create shadow areas at certain points on the road.

Moons and crystals, increasingly important

The glazed surface of the car provides almost 30 percent of the structural rigidity of the vehicle, and they are an essential element to ensure the safety of those traveling on board. Any damage to them is a significant reduction in its resistance capacity and considerably increases the damage we can suffer if the car overturns or has an accident. In these cases, do not play it and install a new one as soon as possible.

In the moons of most modern cars, more and more technical elements related to ADAS security systems integrated. The alteration of a moon can also mean the alteration of the correct functioning of these systems. The impact of a Chinese windshield may also have deteriorated sensors and integrated systems. Expert review is also increasingly necessary, both on the windshield and on the rear window.

In older cars, the continuous action of suspended dust and windshield wipers have caused micro-scratches. It significantly affects the visibility conditions through it. Especially when night comes, and it is time to use the lights. In addition to possible visual effects, the distortion of the lights that these micro-scratches cause can make it easier for the driver to make errors of appreciation and calculation in night driving.

Vehicle Aesthetics
Wiper: the big forgotten

We remember them only when it rains, and we live in a country with large areas of very low rainfall. This causes that when we need to use them, the composition of their gums is damaged by the sun’s performance, and they break and break easily. The wear of the brushes, their “crystallization” or breakage can cause scratches on the windshield that will end up affecting the visibility of the driver sooner than you think. Reviewing them is a methodical and straightforward task that only takes a few seconds. When doing it, remember that your car may also have a brush on the rear window.

Cleaning: better by hand than by machine

Cleaning and waxing of the bodywork preserve the paint and its components that are responsible for protecting the bodywork. If you wash the car, it is better to do it by hand than by machine, because the brushes of the automatic washing, in the long run, end up scratching the paint. If you use pressurized water shuttles, avoid over-applying and short-distance, the jet of these over areas where the car’s license plate may be damaged. Since you can end the uplifting part of its paint. Eliminates the remains of mosquitoes and, especially, the shit of birds as their decomposition on the body accelerates the processes of corrosion in it.

Watch the exhaust gas outlet

It is one of the things that the authorities will control most in the coming times. Check if the exhaust comes in excess fumes, as well as the color of it is important, because it can let you know how to “breathe” the engine of your car. Black, white, and blue fumes indicate irregular excesses of fuel or oil consumption in the car, as well as possible problems in the filtering elements associated with the mechanics. Even when you are standing still, you can know your car has problems. Because it is enough to see what type or volume of waste is left at the edges of the exhaust pipe, see its origin and nature.

Vehicle Aesthetics
Tires, the key element

We will never tire of repeating it. The tires are the key elements of the car since it is the only thing that keeps you glued to the ground while driving. Visually check its condition and pressure takes a few seconds. Check that they have no defects, especially on the flanks and sides – the most critical areas – is simple. And verifying that they do not have stones or elements embedded in the treads that will prevent scares and serious problems with the moving car.
Remember that stretching its useful life has a limit and that in all cases, saving a few dollars in the replacement of the tire causes accidents. And scares whose consequences are much more expensive and harmful.

License plate scratched or in poor condition, an expensive defect

Circular with the loose registration, without it or with defects that prevent its reading, can cost up to 200 dollars. It is the obligation of every driver to “verify that the license plates do not present obstacles that impede or hinder their reading and identification.” And it’s not going to help you to claim that the bicycles and motorcycles that also circulate in the cities lack them and no one finds them. Because Traffic Law does specifically indicate that your car should do so.

It also verifies that it has not been altered or manipulated to prevent identification. The infraction would become very serious, and the penalty could even reach 6,000 dollars and cost 6 points of the card. And that is a lot of difference if we consider that a new license plate hardly costs 30 dollars.

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