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Tips to Tighten the Parking Brake

Parking Brake

Tensioning the handbrake is a very simple maintenance operation that can be performed without going through the workshop with the right tool and patience.

One of the elements that we use most in the car is the handbrake. Normally we use it only when we park the car and leave it. With the handbrake on, we can be sure that the car will not move an inch, and we will find it where we leave it. It also receives the name of the parking brake, and although an electronic brake is replacing it, it is still very common in our cars.

The parking brake or parking brake consists of a cable that goes to the rear wheels and blocks them, preventing them from rolling. But, like all mechanical elements, the handbrake may need maintenance from time to time. The most common problem that we can find with the parking brake is that it stops and begins to lose effectiveness.

Parking Brake

Loss of tension in the handbrake

The loss of tension in the handbrake causes it to lose efficiency. It is easy to realize since the travel of the lever is longer each time, and it is easy to notice how it moves and does not get stuck in place. But being a very simple mechanism, it is also easy to correct this problem, even without going to the workshop.

We recommend you always go to your trusted workshop if you detect any problem in the car. But if you are a somewhat handyman, you can solve the loss of tension yourself. To begin, you should know that the handbrake has a nut that can be tightened to tighten the cable. It is located under the car, so you just have to locate and tighten it until the cable is tight.

It is convenient to lift the car with the jack to be able to maneuver well and comfortably reach the parts to be handled. And above all, the operation must be carried out with extreme safety and with all the guarantees so that everything goes well.

Then you have to locate the locknut that is located next to the handbrake lever and perform the same operation on it. Keep in mind that the brake can be tensioned too much, something that can make it unusable. To solve it, you have to loosen the nut and locknut a little until you find the right tension.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to consult your trusted mechanic and put yourself in his hands. Because when in doubt, it is always better for a professional to handle the car. Of course, if it is an electronic parking brake, it must be the mechanic who adjusts, since it is much more complex and must have a specific tool.

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